Mid-Late February Findings: Raw Thoughts on the Subject

Why o Why o Why my head be spinnin

My oh My oh My my life be changing

And for all the pain I feel 

And for all the loss I see

I can finally take some real time for me

Another free thought poem…

Images in my head

Insecurities inflamed and fed

The Universe answered my calls for growth and change

Funny it looks this way

If I were still using I would be going insane

Love is the anecdote for all

But pain is the immeasurable [bridge to intrinsically heal it all]

I stand by both these poems still today in May on my sober bday (did not mean to rhyme). It has been five years and I can really say I am starting to live and LOVE my life. Painful, anxiety ridden, fearful it can be at times- I know this is where I am “supposed” to be, simply put because this is where I am, now.


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