Letting Go

I wondered what it would be like to love you in the periphery
Not go as deep just reside in your shadowy places
Reside in the spaces of your own unknown and undoing. You don’t go there. You couldn’t find me there and I would love you like I should.
I then realized I am heavy
Even in those spaces I felt you so deeply. You felt me so deeply. Probably.
Loving you in all the ways- I died.
If front and center were possible
It would take a thousand rebirths to ignite my soul again
I don’t mean to give her my power
The stars have me made that way
It’s of course a life lesson to learn
In the dark corners of our subconscious
The strangling roots of your bestowed pain kill me again and again, incessantly stabbing the same wound. Gift me with these gaping holes a plenty
I thank you for reminding me of feeling…
My continued healing
Presents unyielding IMG_8409.PNG


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