Emptiness to Abundance


Truthfully my mind has been on other things. Nothing. It has been blank. I have been wanting to write but what about? I wonder alone at night, tossing and turning with emptiness. I have opened my vessel, cleaned it out and nothing is left it feels like at times, yet what is this yearning, this urge, this awareness to express? Coming deep from inside, I feel there is nothing to say; must be Gemini moon wanting to push me to chat, yet instead, I am here: movements boundless and free. Anger revealed. Joy shining. Darkness and Light merging. Abundance expanding. I am here. Being. Acting. Living. Observing. Doing. Whatever I am it’s moving at a pace I am familiar with yet it’s so new. I am growing up. I feel it. The roots from my depth have latched onto The Mother. I have claimed stake, here, and now to be whatever the Universe wants of me. Whatever it needs for me to do I am here. This is genuine. Why do I express that feeling because it never truly felt this real until now. It is so natural this feeling, so innate; it is truly coming from inside, from within, outwardly being expressed.

As my roots go deeper to the core, I stretch upward and out, expanding my voice, my movements, my desires, my parts of selves, touching my loved ones and those who don’t know yet how much I love them. Feeling the energies of all coming out of me, going through me, securing my claim, my abundance, my connection to the DIVINE wonder of ALL. It feels good. It feels scary. It feels ambivalent. It feels creative. It feels. It feels. It feels. As I walk with my eyes observing, heart navigating, and brain at full attention- I know in me and us all there is the love. THE LOVE. I say thank you. I say I am blessed. I say I am free. I say I am connected. This is just the beginning. So so much for me to experience, create, and live for. Yet, right NOW- Contentment, appreciation and gratitude never felt so good. Thank you all.


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