Consistency: Ever changing elements.

Cells die.

Multiply and die.

Thoughts moving outward, reaching for tangible evidence of worth.

Going inward, no thought can describe the intangible understanding of love.

Changing identities.

Relationships gained.



Dying cells multiplying.

Tumorous manifestations of resentments.

Breathing in to forgive ourselves and the other.

Reaching for the Other.

Feeling the Other.

Passion in something explains the intangible evidence that we must act.

To no avail, thoughts try and cease the movement of life, only relishing in death.

Formlessness in nature, the other seeks the Other.



Cells multiply.

Cells die.

Symbiotic activity reflects the unseen Other.

Elements abound.

The truth never found.

I want to feel the other.

Senses connecting us to Other.



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