The Sirens Are My Muse

Energy is flowing through my veins

Outside of me, electric currents released

This passionate might, unseen to the naked eye of the dis-eased

Yet felt from within and invisibly attached to the visceral sun and moon

The red, dark matter burning sensations of time

Unending waves of feelings, rushing in and out to greet my unstable and steady parts of mind

Like the Sirens, singing to enchant me, bringing me near

I fear

Deep connection without magnanimous, candid, reciprocal affection

As the songs get louder and more tempting

I tie myself, like Circe suggests, to the pole

With ropes lashing, deeply tangled, I can’t free myself to indulge

This fiery impulse

To create and mate

It’s there, just the desire to be closer, to feel it, to hear it, to embrace it

The Astrologers say, “…just utilize the Muses, a passion of a lesser, disastrous fate…”

“…outsiders will fail to understand your needs- appreciate your loyalty and love…”

Constantly hitting the complex, intricate Clashing Rocks, the birds, the doves

Let it flow

Intuitions seeping from the hymns

A reminder of the insatiable quasi-foe

Depth, darkness, the grey

With all my might

I fight, to not run astray, nevermore to my “secure” cave

Dispositions hidden


Ridden, with doubt

Causing a long lasting drought

Will I ever be freed to touch, taste, embrace?

Or am I stuck with the shipmates?

Sirens belting, calling me

I yearn, navigating my way through unknown rocky routes

Stumbling, flailing, falling

Stalling, crying

With the black moon pulsating, igniting its shadowy dust

Fastidiously being cleaned up

I sail with my crew

My desires kept at bay

Eyes closed, head tilted down

I bow down on my knees

And pray


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