The Subtly in Revelations


The unyielding tall waves of the ocean hitting up against the ships mast

Heart beating fast

Lamenting breath

Turning inward,

Hearing whispers, “…this soon too will pass…”

He no longer minds when the darkness follows him.

The invisible, mysterious, and shadowy umbilical naval string of his ever changing new endeavors.

His new adventures of the unknown.

The darkness is his guide.

The light, his Source.

He will continue to follow and let it be his guide as it continues to remind him who he really is, in the larger scheme of this reality.

He lost her.

As upset and lost, confused, and shaken, he became in those first few days and months, he finally realized not why she did it. Not why she was still coming and entering his dreams. What he realized was more of a soulful revelation. The love was and is always there. The change may be different. The forms are always changing as well as the energy. Never destroyed. She will always be there and it needed to occur. He could finally take steps into accepting the loss. The full capacity of the depth of the darkness illuminated his mind. How can darkness create so much clarity? Smiling at himself he felt the answers. It wasn’t that past knowledge that crept all over his skin like ants marching, searching for something to consume. He had chills that warmed his center. He just intrinsically started knowing. Maybe there wasn’t a verbal explanation or expression to the new thoughts and feelings in his heart and mind, but what he actually had was more concrete, more static. What he had was a connection to something penetrating deep inside of him, yet so overwhelmingly outside of him, surrounding him, he knew it wasn’t him. It was bigger than him. Bigger than her, maybe even bigger than the Love.


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