Living, living, living, living

Once more in the cloud of

Seething, seething, seething temperaments

Life lived without fear


Fuck the motion and the false gratitude

Fuck the seeker and the be-er

I see the truth

Screw the misfortunes of the past

Present to present

Desire to more desire

Lack of

Back up

Come to me and see the beauty of reality

Fuck me and hear me whisper and breathe in,

the melodic tones of your skin

Love me and feel me bleed in your arms

Suck me and I say MORE

No more to the cold whimpering of fear and angst

If you want me, I am here

Have me, don’t mind me

I fuck with my mind


Don’t mind me

Fuck me
Suck me, lick me

Poke, pick, prod at the scars

They’re all yours

I will bleed everywhere for you

I will bleed constantly for me

Lick up my tears

With fear, I will have you

With love, I will leave you

With darkness, I will be you

With sadness I will see you

Fuck you

Fuck Me

I will be…free


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