“Painful” Transformation is the Universe nodding YES!

I am ready to step into (my ego perceived) STORM of change and overwhelmingly transformative period of my life. Yet, I know it really isn’t a storm.

God sees it as a bright sun and loving kiss on my cheek; a renewal or release of a new embodiment. As I sit here in nervous and anxious spaces I also embrace what this newness means: I am living a life of my choosing with my creator standing beside whispering sweet nods of guidance and filling my body with love. I know I will be ok as this is what I asked for. What we dream can be vast and abundant but what God provides us is the almost unimaginable.

The unimaginable is like what the edge of the world looked like to those early explorers. We could feel something absolutely profound and amazing but there were no words, no thoughts yet , to truly perceive and describe what was waiting around that bend.

The unknown created an inaccurate fearful understanding of our world.

That same fearful understanding is meeting me head on with this love that is pounding in my heart. As they intertwine and become one I surrender to what it provides. The cocoon into a butterfly; the miraculous unspoken need for change our souls require. No other species on this planet has this understanding and awareness. It is what it is, but to me it is special. The awareness provides me an opportunity to know love, appreciation, and boundless glory in the midst of such challenging times.

Finite expressions from the heart

Are painful

Love is boundless

Seeping through the cracks of darkness, illuminating its light

Wherever any increment of space is available

The expansion it can provide to spin it from one form to the other

Miracles happen at this juncture

Life happens when we succumb to the change

Finite is the inhale of the expansive infinite exhale

Neither exists

Manifested for the recognition of what can’t be explained, spoken, observed…only felt

Love will always be present…




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