The Power of Not Knowing

When you think, “I need to do something because that’s what people do and I am this age and should be this and how am I ever going to do that thing if I don’t do this thing now.” Think again. Or don’t think at all. Pause and take a breath.

In my last post I mentioned a book, The Book of Life, by J. Krishnamurti. His passage on October 31st speaks of truly breaking down that part of us that is bound by the material, the time-ridden world- the illusion, for change.

By reading his passages, I truly don’t know where I am going next or what I am doing. All I do know is that the unknowing has always created a deeper connection with myself, others, and God. People talk about breaking down the ego or redefining who they are but it is still in the confines of someone else, some movement, some guru, some state of affairs, political party, organization, the list can go on. When do we truly know what we are doing, being, changing is for ourselves?

Krishnamurti says, in the silence, in the interval of that thought therein lies the freedom.

Change without active motivation is when we start to glimpse at who we really are amongst all the outside circumstances that generally govern our will and actions on a minute-by-minute basis, consciously and unconsciously.

Now, that is a completely different approach to the New Age movement in the sense that for anyone who has read the Secret and the steps to take to manifest ones world is all about thought, gratitude, and feeling. But again, Krishnamurti tries to stay away from the leader status, the person who knows it all. He urged all readers and listeners in his lectures, to question everything. Think for ourselves. Creation doesn’t end at the last stroke of the brush or when the note dissipates. It never ends. It is a continuous movement, but not the mechanical movement that we’ve been taught to perform since we were in preschool, like the hamster wheel. It’s the continuous movement, maybe aimless, definitely unknowing, when one is lost in the woods, when you think Moonlight Sonata is ending but then it picks up again and continues to create new feelings within. Whoever we are and whatever we do, the idea is to look within and question and try to better understand our intentions.

I am grateful for today because I feel I have no better sense of what I am doing and that is ok. I don’t need to know. What used to dictate my “should” actions are breaking down and that to me is creation, progress, and change.


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