Trappings are of the most paramount of physical desires

The old couple understands the expirations of these attributes

Finds love on the deeper unresolved, dark places of the unseen

Carry your voice soflty in the minds of others

Be wise to see the existence and the triumphs of the brokenhearted, the unemployed, the loneliness of souls

In their eyes you may see holy glory

Maybe to not see this glory is the triumphant cues of the misguided intellect

Laughter will cease all dis ease

Until the next moment of youth we appreciate all we have and can offer

Is it not the flower that blossoms in spring and is dormant in winter

Is it not the doctor giving their half life to education and then the other half to a practice solely constructed out of theories and others ideas

We sit and wonder

Yet do not realize this is all happening in the wake of the blinking eye

Are we missing the ingenious of our youth

Or is this living    





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