A Dream Revelation

I am so grateful to continuously learn valuable lessons surrounding the false and limiting beliefs that I have towards others and myself. The other day I had a dream involving my new eyeglasses falling apart and in the dream as much as the screws were falling out, (the extremely tiny screws that you can barely see even with your eyeglasses on), I was able to find them with the assistance of my girlfriend and slowly put my eyeglasses back together.  Not a nightmare or enigmatic dream by any means, but it definitely stuck with me and I will tell you why.


Meeting with a dream/Jungian therapist weekly, she reminds me to write or record my dreams and to focus more on the feeling than the content. Not to say the content is less important, but the feelings tell us a deeper understanding of what might be going on presently in our lives. The content of the dream is just a way to construct and form symbolism and ideas that we can relate to in order to bring about the feeling.


So for several days I sat with the feelings I had during and after the dream; feelings of doubt, anxiety, but also hope, ongoing support, and faith.


I decided to go deep with these feelings and found a connection between these feelings and the moods I had had recently surrounding thoughts for a new career path. As some may know, I left my job at the end of March with money in my savings, no future prospects for work and just the healthy invigorating desire to only do work that I am interested/passionate in whilst being on a soul journey in finding my purpose.


This journey has been exciting and depressingly anxious at times.  It could be described as a rollercoaster ride with patches of bright sunlight and clarity at the high peaks with periods of cloudy fog during the low. The week I had this dream, my thoughts had mostly been dark and in the shadows. At the moment of connection, I knew I needed to bring light to those dark thoughts. This in itself is out of my character and anxiety inducing. One of my limiting beliefs: I can do it on my own, I don’t need help unless I am really in the ditch.


But yesterday I found the strength and confidence and shared my fears and doubts of my new dream career with my girlfriend. I thought she would challenge me and think I was stepping on her toes. Quite the opposite happened- she was supportive and knowledgeable and helped clear some facts that I fearfully perceived incorrectly about this new career path.


Sitting with my dream and the feelings it evoked instead of attempting to interpret gave me so much more. The confidence and support I felt in the dream, I believed transcended into this waking life and provided me the confidence I had to inform my girlfriend of my struggles with doubt and fear surrounding this new journey. Furthermore, our discussion helped me realize the “reality” of my pursuit, our relationship, and the truth about who we are as people and thus reminded me she will always be there to help me pick up the pieces and support me.


You see, both my waking and sleeping dream required a restructuring; a retightening of the new lenses to help me clearly see that I am not alone and I can always change and renew my old limiting beliefs.



I also realized this journey about discovering, is also about letting go, reframing, and creating anew. Before I can really sit with myself and say- I am interested in XYZ and I am going after it- I realized I had to sit with myself and say Lauren, be kind to yourself, love yourself, nurture yourself. I couldn’t just jump into my dreams and turn them into reality from day one because there were still limiting beliefs surrounding those dreams, intimidating me, and telling me I couldn’t achieve them.


Whatever dreams we may have that produce any kind of feeling,  I believe it’s important to listen to, feel, and sit with. Moreover, if there is someone in our life that we can share our dreams (waking and sleeping) with, I believe we should. The confidence boost and the feelings of support and love can only catalyze the ever-growing expansive thoughts and feelings we have about our journeys and desires.


My new belief is this- If we share our deepest fears with people, our loved ones, and good friends, the light will shine so brightly on that developing seed for it to continuously grow and expand to whatever our heart so much desires.




Thank you for connecting.




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