Blurred Transformation

Recently, I left my job of 5 years.  A half a decade was spent performing what I would consider mindless work that DID NOT contribute to the greater “betterment” of society or my heart. Sure I enjoyed the culture, the Christmas bonuses, the friendships made, the ongoing self-growth, but the work itself sucked my soul dry.

 Leaving the quagmire was my early 30th birthday present to self and I am extremely grateful I found the courage to do so.

 The plan to leave came to me last fall. The idea was to quit and find another form of employment through a metaphysical journey that would lead me to a career path deeply rooted in my passions.

 As silly to some as this may sound or maybe even crazy, the LETTING GO of the need to feel SECURE was another reason leaving was the only choice for my journey to the unknown. My need to feel secure is a MYTH. Am I really secure receiving  paychecks biweekly if my heart yearns and hungers for life? How am I safe, knowing I was shutting off my spirit from 9-5 Monday through Friday in order to pay bills and buy the latest trendy hipster pants? Some may argue… your spirit wasn’t shut off or you didn’t have to look at your work that way- you could have changed your perspective a little… I get that and I did. I changed it so many times, I realized the only way I could stay at an establishment where the work and the pragmatic structure wasn’t fitting me was to alter my core values. Fortunately enough for me, this I couldn’t do. Get rid of the limiting beliefs don’t CONFORM to them!


My second week starts this Monday.  Being “unemployed” never felt so good! Once I start really chipping away at the savings, it may start to get a little scary, but I have faith in finding a creative opportunity and knowing that I am finally listening to what my heart tells me is enough fuel to keep my heart fiery with passion, focus, concentration, and vigor to move mountains. I can never go wrong with the decision I made. Risky yes; selfish, maybe (to some)- but how else am I to know thyself, expand, and contribute to the world if I am stuck behind a desk with spreadsheets in my face wondering what it is like to be alive, free, and self fulfilled?  PTO and weekends aren’t enough. THIS IS A FACT! I am NOT going back to “Happy Friday or TGIF” mentalities! No judgment to anyone who enjoys their 9-5 world and their spreadsheets, but I DID NOT And WILL NOT sell out again!

 Somewhere I read: the best choices are the ones where we take the most risk and see the profoundness when the opportunity for hindsight is the ONLY way to understand our past decisions.   I hope to one day look back and really see this decision as one in strong alignment with a cross country move and sobriety. Pivotal and transformational actions are what make us come ALIVE.  


BE that person you have always dreamt of becoming.Image


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