The seriousness I feel regarding my future weighed on me heavily for 20+ years until I realized this is all an illusion. Not to mean this world isn’t real, but what I mean is that everything we do is not THAT important. It’s not the end of the world if we “lose” it all when you have faith and understanding of the physics of our world. We create by thought, words, and actions; ALL OF IT. This means life as we know it currently exists as the creation of our souls interacting with other souls’ electrical impulses; acting on higher impulses that manifest our deepest desires or deepest fears. All we really have to care about is, what do we want to create? Do we want to manifest our fears or what we love? I think BOTH! The fears I have in life are my dreams interwoven into the experiences, beliefs, and people that I love.THIS idea makes life fun. The adult playground is calling us to jump on the swing, get as high as we can, and jump off risking it all because there will be a net catching us. TRUST. Love and fear it. Be connected to the inner. The future is ours.Image


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