What’s real?

Is it real because I’m not high?

Can’t smoke anymore

Wouldn’t do anything.

Stopped smoking and drinking

Still don’t do anything.

What the fuck is going to get me motivated?

Living a dream in my mind pauses and sucks all the “real “life motivation out of me.

The fantasy will always be…simply that-  just a fantasy.


ACTION requires a start button, one in which I don’t have except for what’s right in front of me.

What’s right in front of me?

What’s right in front of me?

Passion is a fiery furnace in the depth of our hearts.

Is that fire still lit when our hearts have been ice cold since the start of our breathless…


What is it about fear that has me so caught up into thinking I can’t do shit, unless it’s here-right in front of me?

The start button

Not attached to any device

But right here

In front of me, showing me the path for my life…

I’m scared


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