Insecurity Created this poem

Deep reds, dark blues, and greys

I like colors, what can I say?

They like colors too and I like your colors as much as I like you.

But why do I feel so blue when I am surrounded by you?

I feel alone and afraid.

I want to be a part of, but it seems I need some specific look to join your fray.

There is discomfort I feel when I don’t feel included.

The agonizing part of me wants to be included.

The soulful seeker deep within me doesn’t mind being excluded.

The reality is I’m not interested in knowing you;

I just want to look like you- but you don’t even have a clue.

Yet, receiving acknowledgment from all isn’t the love and relationships I strive for.

What’s important to me is loving and listening to my core.

Materialism lacks all value.

I won’t be a better human once I have this or that.

Nor is “becoming someone” the climax to which I have arrived at my humanity!

It’s here: When I smile with my false sense of lack

Everything about me is love as well as you…

But please help me understand what is it about me or you that brings out the blue?


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