Parental Forgiveness

At what point in our lives do we realize our parents didn’t have all the answers? When do we start to forgive our parents for the hurt we feel which we feel was caused by them? Can any parent provide adequate, unconditional, and secure love? Living thousands of miles away from my parents, visiting them only once a year during a holiday,  and after years of introspection , I have realized my parents did the best they could at any given moment in time. As they played a role, so did I. To be honest, my role in the play was much larger than their roles ever were BECAUSE IT’S MY LIFE!



Self righteousness


I don’t forgive you Mom and Dad. I love you.  I forgive myself…

I forgive myself for thinking you caused me pain.

I forgive myself in thinking you did a shitty job in raising me.

Thank you for loving me the best way you knew how.

Now, it’s time for me to shed the past parental views, accept what is, and move forward.

Taking responsibility isn’t easy, but being in the present moment of my thoughts, feelings, and actions can lead to  a blissful state that will make all other forms of existence seem banal.

It doesn’t end here…let’s get to work.


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