Depression Battles


In the embrace of the darkness we find comfort.

Looking at our past and future pain, sitting presently lost in time, it evades our brain

Consciously/unconsciously we let the gears run and let it spread its rust

We must talk and be, seeking spirit to remind us  how we are free

Who we are as souls don’t measure up to the material woes; we ignorantly pleasure and lust from our foe 

I am trying to remember who I am

Love from our mother, father, family and friends- we love at times, but we feel this love as never enough

Suffering, lust the ego for more separateness stuff

Enough is enough

Seek the divine within the mind and feel the power of soul body and mind intertwined

Trying to constantly remember…

From within

I stand

And Demand

The Love of

Who I AM

Whitman Taught Me

Waking up I find myself alone
Not until the active conscious thoughts engender wholeness comes the moment of limitless expansion.
Gratitude is the candy of our soul;
Willingness the bread to which we transform our individualistic nature into a peaceful harmonious communion amongst other souls.

Can life be this easy and precious?
Wondering through the mound of instigating antagonizing amusements,
you will find the answer.
Just listen to the robin, the cardinal;
or take a peek above you at the sun glistening,
through the leaves.
See wonder.
See beauty.
Feel joy.